Friday, September 12, 2008

Yes, my kids are loud...

Since when do grumpy old men think they rule the world? No, not Congress. No, not Jack Lemon and Walter Mathau (or whoever those two geezers were that made that movie...) No, I mean the nasty just plain crotchety old farts that give my kids the evil eye for no reason other than, oh, BEING KIDS. For example...

As most people who know me know, I LOVE books. I read an inordinate amount of STUFF every week. Rob has put me on book suspension- I have to "get rid" of some books before I'm allowed to buy any more. It's either that or get a job paying six figures to try to help pay for the books I want to own. That wouldn't even make a dent... SO- hello Jefferson County Library...

The tricky thing is that I have to bring my kids to the library with me. Wait, I mean, I GET to bring my kids to the library with me. Yeah, that's what I meant. And although the libraries here are super kid-friendly- lots of story times, reading contests, separate rooms for just the kids that keep them away from the people doing "serious reading" of their stupid magazines- there are still times when *gasp* little children can be seen and heard in the library. We all still have to check out our books and, oh, walk through doors, too. We go to the library about twice a week, so JoJo and Gabs sort of think they own the place. Unfortunately, so do the age- and personality- impaired old men.

Without fail, every time we are at the library, we get what I now refer to as "The Elderly Sigh." You know the one I'm talking about. It's usually accompanied by the "Intentionally not-so-subtle Eye-roll" and the "Pretending-to-whisper-but-really-yelling Criticism." Some man actually asked the front desk where he could check out his books where there weren't "All these brats running around." Oh, yes. (Please refer to my previous post, "Do you really want to anger four mothers of preschoolers at once?" because we were not really the people this comment was directed at...)

Let me back up for a minute- I'm not anti-old men. Grandpas, and Santa Claus inspired jolly old men, are essential. The world needs more of them. I just get so irritated by these GROUCHES who think because they have been around longer, they're entitled to be jerks.

SO, here it is, listen up you old poopers, you know who you are: LET IT GO. You will cross the paths of my children for 2-3 minutes, tops. They don't stand still so well, they like to hang on things, they want to pick things up. But, believe it or not, I see them, they are supervised, I can reach them easily, oh, and the library belongs to them, too. They may get excited and run, scandalously, 5 feet in front of their mother. They may want to try to open the door for you, or help you put your books in the book return. They do not do this just to make your afternoon icky. They want to be a part of society and they are trying to figure out where they fit. I apologize profusely that you believe humankind should have died off once you passed toddlerhood. But, guess what, it didn't. They are at the flipping library, learning to read and love books, which, in my opinion, should warm your heart and make you feel a bond with them. But, if that's not possible, then just take a deep breath. In just a few moments, we will be out of your way, and out of your life. And, well, your loss. Because you will miss an opportunity for friendliness, admiration and pure love that only exists in the toddler. You miss the chance to see two of the most beautiful smiles, and the sweetest laughs, to grace your presence. Too bad. My kids rock, and you, sir, are no Jack Kennedy.

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