Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dinosaurs- by Josiah

This month, I have discovered dinosaurs. I am so excited, I can barely contain myself...

See, dinosaurs are perfect for little 3-year old boys like me. They are loud. They are big. They break things. They make messes, and then they can say, "Hey, it was an accident, I'm a big awkward dinosaur, sometimes I can't help myself." This, in my world, is perfect. Just today I knocked over the tower Gabby was building. She cried, but I said, "Sorry Gabby, it was an accident, I was being a dinosaur." Mom thought that was "so cute" so she soothed Gabby rather than making me apologize again and give her a hug. That was pretty cool. So I tried it again. Just so you know, that really only works a few times- after try number 7 Mom said it was time to sit and do something quiet. But, hey, I still get away with it at least once a day.

I have been working really hard on my dinosaur growl. Without sounding like a braggart- it's quite good. Granted, I've never actually heard a dinosaur. But I'm thinking that if there were two things a dinosaur growl could do it would be 1) to make a little sister cry and 2) to give moms headaches. Judging by the responses in our house, I have those two criteria down pat. I can't tell you how many times a day Mom says, "Josiah, please, can we try to only be a dinosaur when we are outside?" or "Josiah, Gabby is using her words and saying 'no,' I don't think she wants to be chased by a growling dinosaur right now." If those aren't ringing indorsements of my skills, I don't know what is.

Oh, and I found this great book at the library about dinosaurs. Because they are featuring dinosaurs this month, there weren't many. But I found this wonderful 50 page reference manual with words and ideas WAY over my head. I begged Mom to get it and checked it out myself. I have NO idea what it's talking about, and I barely listen when she reads it. But it takes her, like, 30 minutes to get through it, especially because I interrupt her and describe all the pictures. Wrongly. And I use "why?" a whole lot, which seems to frustrate Mom because, well, I don't think she knows. THIS has got to be my best nap-stalling coup yet...

Overall, I'm enjoying this new phase. I've asked Mom to make me a dinosaur for Halloween. I've also asked to be a giant excavator, a back-hoe loader and a tiger. It's fun to keep her guessing...

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  1. JoJo! You know what your mom LOVES? The Cubby Bear theme song! Here's what you do: Learn it, sing/screech it loudly, OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Once you master that, grab a teddy bear and sing it while chasing Taco and Gabby. It'll make your mom's head explode, and trust, me, that'll be so worth the time you'll have to spend alone in your room!!!