Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Naps- Josiah and Gabrielle

J- So, this will be our first time trying to write a post together, we'll see how this goes. Gabby's thoughts will be in intalics from here on out, right Gabby?

G- It's my turn, I'm really mad at you. This was my idea for a blogging topic and you just stole it from me. Like you always do. Like you take away everything that's ever brought me joy. Just like those little toys you call Legos. I don't know what they are for, and I don't actually enjoy them at all except to put them in my mouth, but you always, ALWAYS, take them from me. And does Mom do anything about that at all? NO! NEVER! It's always, "Thank you, Josiah, those pieces aren't safe for Gabby, let's go put them somewhere so she doesn't get hurt." Yes, thank you, evil queen of ruining all things even remotely fun or interesting. Act like it's for MY benefit. You know you wouldn't even care at all except you think someone else will find out you let me play with them. Just like how I used to get to climb on the couch...

J- Okay, Okay, Gabs? I think we got it. I'm sorry you feel I've stolen your idea. Would you like to type first, then? We're talking about naps...?

G- Yeah, Dummy, I KNOW we're talking about naps, it was my idea, remember? Just because you're 16 months older than me and I'm still in diapers doesn't mean I'm stupid. Girls develop before boys, REMEMBER? Sheesh, am I going to have to put up with this my whole life? "Josiah, help your sister, show her how, she doesn't understand..." Oh I understand, crazy lady who talks in that pretend sweet voice when she really wants to scream until her eyeballs pop out. I get it. You're trying to hold me back. You know that I will be the better woman some day and you are just determined that I never can be. It's YOUR fault I have to put up with this, why didn't you just have me first. You get nothing right...

J- Um, Gabby? I'm really, uh, enjoying what you have to say, and it's very well written. But, well, um, were you going to talk about naps? Because, uh, it's no big deal, I'll just change the title...

G- Oh, so now my title's not good enough either? What are you, some sort of expert? What exactly do you know about titles? HMMM?!?!? Stop looking at me with those obnoxiously big blue eyes that everyone always raves about while completely ignoring my much more interesting eyes that change colors. ANSWER ME?

J- Um, I don't remember the question...?


J- Nothing, really. We'll name this whatever you want. I'm sorry.

G- Okay, thanks.

J- Okay, good. So now, do you want to talk about naps now? I mean, you actually skipped yours today in preparation for talking about this. So I think it would be a good time to dig in. Gabby? Gabs? Hey, Gabrielle?


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