Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome to our new BlogHome

As requested, I am working on moving our family blog to a new home. I know, I know, it's about time. I hope to get our old posts moved from our old home to this new fancy-schmancy one, but please be patient. I do, after all, have a few other things to do during my days. I can't miss my Oprah and Dr. Phil. (If you are new to me and our blogging, you will realize that that is a joke in reference to the idea that many people think stay at home moms watch a lot of daytime TV. See, I used sarcasm. Please be prepared for much sarcasm. If you do not like or enjoy or understand sarcasm, this is not the place for you...) Thanks for your patience as we make this move. See, I can be polite, too...

Oh, and please note- not all blogs are written by Elizabeth (and none are by Rob...) Yes, we are raising our children in the Internet age, and Josiah and Gabrielle contribute to our family blog as well. We try to make sure they we include their names in the subject title. Otherwise, it's written by Elizabeth. And for Elizabeth.

We look forward to pretending like any of you care what we have to say! And celebrating our delusions of grandeur in believing that anyone reads any of this...

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