Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week 3.5 of First Grade

I have just one picture that sums up what was supposed to be our fourth week of first grade:

No, my arm is not that dainty.  Or that broken.

My wonderful Gabrielle decided that she wanted to go to Urgent Care this week.  After all, it's been almost two years since we last went, as we seem to have the majority of our anaphylactic, Armageddon-inducing food allergy issues under control.  So as I walked out of the living room to get read to take a shower, she climbed up the banisters on the second floor and decided to walk down the hand rail.  I came around the corner just as she fell.  Ironically, she screamed less from her broken bones than she does when I comb her hair.  Anyhow, we went to Urgent Care, where I felt incredibly paranoid about bringing in a child with broken bones.  I let her answer all of the "how did it happen" questions, and was relieved she didn't announce to everyone that I was napping, like her brother is wont to do.  (Take a nap once and the kid never lets you live it down.  Take a nap often, like I want to, and, well, I guess maybe I earned my reputation.)  Once she was settled playing, and the doc was filling out our release/parole papers, I asked him when the adrenaline would subside.  And I immediately burst into tears.  Guess we know where she gets it.  To put the cherry on top- she didn't want to leave Urgent Care, as she was having too much fun.

The trip to the pediatric ortho the next day to set and cast the bones was a roller coaster.  She went from the happiest, singingest, flirting-with-the-X-Ray-techiest girl to, well, a psycho, in about three seconds flat.  It was like she has a Scream Switch that got set to Ear-Splitting Hysterics (Spinal Tap's Eleven) and then the switch was broken off and stuck there.  Poor thing is terrified of shots, so once that word was uttered, it was all over but the crying.  Literally.

Did I mention we also had the stomach flu?

I will not post a picture of that because, well, that's gross.  Here's the old, tried-and-true pancake bunny, my go-to filler picture.

Needless to say, we decided to take it easy school-wise this week.  We kept up with basic phonics and math for a few days, then sat around staring at each other through our PTSD fog.  Then Rob came home Friday and all is back to being right with the world.

We'll pick up in Science and History where we left off, making next week our new Week 4 of First Grade. If I can get out of bed come Monday morning...

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