Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 1 of First Grade

We're starting First Grade, we're starting First Grade!!!

This has been the musical chant all week from Gabrielle.  She is SO excited to be doing "Real School."  Here are some of the things we are doing this week:

We made our own continents!

 I knew all of those Lego sets Rob buys would come in handy- their empty boxes make great craft foundations!

Josiah's finished continent 

Gabrielle's finished continent

We are learning about how the world looks, how people chose where to live in the Ancient World, why the Fertile Crescent was desirable, while some Nomads settled down to build civilizations near the Nile River.  We're learning geographic concepts, like peninsula, bay, mountain, river.  These sculptures were made with salt dough, then painted after they dried:

Gabrielle chose turquoise water, and ChacoKitten, in the background, approves. 

Josiah chose a more traditional blue water for the deep sea and turquoise near the shore.

This was a fun project and a nice launch for our year.  Both kids love to paint, so any opportunity we can find to give them that outlet, we take.  Next time, when we're a little further along in our writing and reading, we'll have them make label flags for the various topographical features.  For now, we're content to enjoy some "school that is actually fun!", as Josiah says.

Also done this week:
We've started reading Peter Pan and have made a couple of chapter narrations for our Language folders.
We did some map work, learning about the Nile River in Egypt, specifically it's annual flooding and the Delta.
We visited the Museum of Nature and Science, where we enjoyed the Expedition Health exhibit the most.  We watched the IMAX movie Into the Arctic, which was given a "pretty good" rating from the kids.
We finished up our unit on coin counting for math, and the kids are moving on to the next section in their phonics and reading and math, as well.

On the agenda for next week: We'll be studying ancient writing and starting our study of the animal kingdom..  

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