Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Battle for Dominance

"Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"  Uncle Ben, Spider Man
"You're not in charge, Dada is."  My kids, every time I ask them to do anything.  Ever.

Okay, those quotes may be misleading, a little.  First of all, I have no idea what the origin of that first quote really is and I cannot be bothered to go look it up.   Secondly, my kids do occasionally do what I ask.  Like when I say, "Please finish your ice cream."

Then, there was this evening, when Gabrielle and I shared this beautiful moment.  I told her to get her shoes on, her dad wants us all to go out to dinner.  Gabs, being her mother's daughter, would rather eat at home.  I told her, as I do often, "I'm sorry, Gabs, but we need to do what your dad wants.  He's in charge."*  She disappeared for a minute into my bedroom and came out like this:

Those are not her shoes.  I do try to buy them big enough for them to grow into, but I don't plan quite this far ahead.

When asked why she had her dad's flip flops on instead of her own shoes, her response was this:

"Now I have the bossy shoes on and I'm in charge."

If only we could grab control over other people by simply stealing their shoes.  The world would finally value fabulous shoes the way they should.

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