Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Accessorizing- Gabrielle

I like being a girl.

Being a girl, especially when you're older sibling is a boy, is a great gig. When your brother does something especially boyish (and Mom calls it"obnoxious" and "exhausting") then people are grateful that you aren't going to do the same. But when you do something girlish, Mom's always unprepared for it, so you usually get away with it a few times. Plus, there's all these extra things you get- hair bows and nail polish and purses... Josiah is GREEN with envy.

Recently my Aunt Debbie came to visit. She's so much more fun than my Mom! And the coolest thing about her- her hair ties. You know, Aunt Debbie has "long hair that Mom used to be able to have until certain little someones came along and threw food in it and pulled it out at the roots all day long..." AND, this is the best part about Aunt Debbie's hair, she puts it up and down all by herself. ALL BY HERSELF! And she does it more than once! Not like at our house, where Mom "does" my hair in the morning and then it's "please don't pull that out Gabby, it took me forever to get your hair untangled and out of your eyes this morning!" No, Aunt Debbie gets to play with her hair. And to make this possible, she wears hair ties around her wrist. I think this is super cool, so I started doing it too. Every time Mom puts me to bed, I pull out my hair tie and put it around my wrist.

One thing you should know about this- my hair ties are tiny. They actually fit snuggly around Mom's thumb. So it's not very easy to get them around my wrist. It's even harder to get them off, after my hand has turned all red and swollen. Especially the first time when Mom didn't notice I did it during nap time until the next day- I think I had a red mark on my wrist for almost a week. But, you know, I've heard you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion (at least that's what Mom tells Dad when he asks her why I have to wear tights and dress shoes to church every week when I'm clearly uncomfortable...) Mom did everything she could think of to stop me from doing this, but I'm pretty darn stubborn. And committed to fashion.

So, and here's where all this is going, Mom got creative. I love it when Mom gets creative because it usually includes her spending some money on me. When she went out to get my Easter clothes, she bought me some bracelets and purses to match. Man, those are fun! I like to carry them around, with my arms raised all day long. I've actually decided that they are even more interesting than regular clothes, which was my latest obsession. I no longer feel the need to go in my room and put on clothes on top of clothes on top of clothes until Mom says something about me looking like a walking laundry basket. Nope, don't need to do that anymore. Actually, I'm pretty much done with clothes all together. I don't need them any more- I have accessories. Now, I go in my room and take off all my clothes, put on my bracelets, and carry my purse around. I know that people say your accessories should just accent your clothes. But I think that clothes just distract from the beauty of the accessories, so I'm wearing them solo.

I heard Mom telling someone the other day that she thinks it's a little strange to find me completely naked with three bracelets and two purses on, sitting on the floor reading a book to the cat. What does she know- I'm precious. Just ask Grandma.

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